Children's Memory Cards- order from any age.
Sets are supplied with a co-ordinating paper wrap.
Pretty glitter effect gold star on a pink background.

Pink Glitter Star Question Cards

  • Our Question Cards are a perfect way to capture your child's personality as they grow and make a great keepsake over the years.
    Priced individually at 95p each so you can order any quantity as required. You can start at your child's current age and go up the age of your choice, the average age on most orders being 13 or 16.
    Printed on high quality 300gsm laid card and just under half A4 in size they will stand the test of time.
    Standard questions are as below:
    My favourite colour
    My favourite toy
    My favourite fruit
    My best friend
    When I grow up, I want to be
    My favourite animal
    My favourite book
    My favourite thing on TV
    My favourite movie
    My favourite food
    My one wish would be
    My greatest hero is
    Makes me happy
    Funniest thing I have done
    The most important rule
    My favourite thing at school
    If I had a million pounds I would
    I am best at
    My favourite thing this year